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This week I have been thinking about self confidence, and how we can develop more of it. 

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how leaving the house now feels like a big deal. Not only because you have a few more things to remember to bring out with you (like face masks and hand sanitiser or even taking your own pen to go vote!) but also because Covid has effected our confidence in so many ways.  

Pre-covid most of us wouldn’t think twice about whether we felt confident leaving the house, using public transport or meeting our friends.

Whether we’re feeling anxious about public transport or worried we’ve lost all our social skills - our confidence has taken a beating. 

We’ll get it back, in time. For some of us it will come more quickly than others. 

Because the truth is, the more we do things which are outside our comfort zones the easier it becomes. The abnormal has to become safe and normal again. Our confidence and our emotions go hand in hand. 

This is true for anything we’re doing, a new project at work, starting a new hobby or fitness class or showing up online for a new business. The more we do something the more confident we become. 

Behind every great woman, inspiring quote Rebecca Yates

 (Behind every great woman print) 

Today I want to share some shortcuts to developing that confidence faster.

We all know someone who exudes confidence, who doesn’t seem phased by anything that comes their way, unafraid to speak up, try new things and put themselves out there. I’m sure you can think of someone you know that ticks all these boxes! 

They weren’t born this way though, and you can easily develop these same levels of confidence with a few shortcuts…. 

Fake it til you make it 

Your mind believes whatever you tell it to be true. So start telling yourself what you want to hear, that you are someone with unstoppable confidence, that you feel good calm and relaxed in whatever situation is making you feel anxious.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, but whatever you believe about yourself you become. So give it a try! Write them on post it notes, set phone reminders and stick them by your computer, or create print with your new affirmation to keep it front of mind. 

Speak slow, stand tall 

Have you ever observed someone who is super confident? Notice their body language and how the present themselves. In this TED talk Amy Cuddy explains the science behind the power pose and how your body language effects the way we feel. 

Try adopting a power pose for a few minutes and see how you feel! 

Find the little things that make you feel confident

We all have little things that make us feel good and more confident. The outfits we choose, our favourite pair of shoes, a certain piece of jewellery that has a meaning to it or maybe a certain lipstick that makes us feel like we can take on the world. 

Little things make us feel confident, which is why I developed the Beautiful, Talented, Strong pin as something to wear to give that extra confidence boost. 

Find something which makes you feel good, powerful and confident - try different things, different looks and see what happens! 

Confidence comes from within, it's something we can all develop with a few mindset shifts and little changes. So give these a go and see what happens! 

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Rebecca x 

Rebecca Yates

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