It's crazy how much things can change in a year... (And I'm not even talking about the virus here)

But this time last year I was working full time and still side hustling.

Trying to grow my tiny business, often struggling to keep the faith that I would ever get to do it full time and franticly trying to keep the plates spinning. 

As I spent another Friday night writing blog posts, creating Instagram content, working on new designs or trying to design my website with ZERO marketing knowledge – there were days I wanted to just give up.  

Go have a good time down at pub with everyone else.

Stop saving for the ‘quit the job’ fund and buy a few pairs of Kate Spade shoes instead. 

Take an easier path that didn’t involve so much difficulty, sacrifice and frustration. 

Spoiler alert – still here. 

Whether you want to start a business, get fitter, get your dream job, finally get in good shape or make the money you want. It will get hard, tedious, dull, loose it’s appeal and not seem worth all the agro anymore.

This will happen. It’s a given – I’m sure you can think of a goal that you gave up because things got too hard or you just weren’t seeing the results. 

We’re faced with this choice, to give up or carry on, pretty much every day.

The sweet temptation to give up will rear it's head whenever there is an opening, whenever there is a tiny crack in our resolve and determination. 

And I know because there are plenty of goals I have given up on. (Like the keyboard gathering dust under my bed that I keep promising to learn...) 

But all hope is not lost. And I want to tell you now that you aren’t lazy. You aren’t a failure. You’re human, and sometimes we need a little extra help to get where we want to go. 

And there is a way. A way that I found which keeps me going – on the Friday nights I still spend working on my business. (although recently there has been less of a choice on this!) 

⭐️ Being really connected to why you started, and connecting with your vision for your future every single day. 

Remembering what you want, what it will mean for you when you achieve it and how you’ll feel when you get there. And being so excited and in love with the idea that you never give up. 

I like to be super practical – and I know if you are like me you’re thinking but how do I actually do this? 

➡️ Get super specific on what you want – imagine it, feel into it and get excited.

➡️ Re-read, re-visualise and connect to it every day

It’s a simple idea when you say it out loud – you just need to be really clear on your vision and get into the habit of connecting to it daily. 

There is a space to write your vision on PAGE 2 (Page 1 is your name btw) of your planner - slap bang in the front. Not tucked away somewhere, but in the prime position to be seen each day. 

Visualising your future, and the dream life is also the first thing I guide you to do in the Make it Happen course and resources you get access to as well. 

If you are ready to start making epic progress on your goals, and feel excited and motivated each day to work towards them - then the new planners are made for you. 

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