Today I want to share our manifesto. 

This is something that I have been unable to put into words until today. A bunch of ideas and things which have swirled around in my mind that I haven't shared too widely - partly because I haven't felt brave enough to share this truth and use my voice.

Today I feel ready and compelled to share these with you - and I used to work in politics so the 'manifesto' felt appropriate. The last few years been an incredible journey of personal development and growth. A journey that continues each day. 

Through my art, I have always wanted to help you to achieve your goals by giving you lots of encouragement along your journey. This began with motivational quotes and productivity tips and has now evolved far beyond that. 

Here are our goals for you, how we want to help you every day through our designs, products and content. 

Our goals for you: 

1. For you to have a clear vision for your future, for what you want to achieve, have, experience and how you want to contribute to the world. 

2. To feel happier, more at ease, in flow and experience more everyday bliss. 

3. Have clear goals, that stretch you, push you toward your vision, that you can take action on and manifest into your reality. 

4. To take daily action to achieve your dreams, feeling empowered, organised and free from overwhelm. And have good habits that help you live a healthy, fulfilled life. 

5. Cultivate unshakable self belief, confidence in yourself, and your abilities to achieve every damn thing you set your mind too. 

6. Be overflowing with self love, feel good about who you are and know that you are enough.  

What you will see, is that all of our designs, products and content flow from these six goals. It's about small steps, small changes and aiming to have a little bit of impact each day. 

It felt important that we share these so you know what we stand for. What you want, we want for you too, and we will be doing all we can to help get you there. 


Rebecca & Lynn 

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