There is a great feeling when you get an idea to start something new. A great buzz and excitement when you set out on a new goal, you imagine yourself making the achievement a reality and get all in a tizz about it.

This energy is always fleeting though, as we often find that those little goal-wrecking gremlins try to throw us of course. One of the many ways they do this is to distract us, fill us with doubt, impatience and throw pleanty of things in our way.

We can even end up forgetting to take action to make things happen.

What do I mean by this?

It isn’t that you forget you want to achieve something, it’s more that you forget to take the action you need to.

To give you a personal example, one of my goals is to learn piano. I have wanted to do this for a long time and can play a little. My keyboard used to live in my living room serving as a daily reminder to practice. But as I needed more space to run my business it got moved into my bedroom… under my bed.

No daily reminder to practice, no prompt and pretty much no progress…

When we only hold a goal in our mind and have no visual reminder, we are far less likely to take the action we need to.

When we are reminded of the things we want to achieve, we are reminded to take action.

So that’s why I have created new, personalized goal journals. A total game changer when it comes to being more focused.

Goal journa, Rebecca Yates London, Personalised notebook

The new designs mean you can get your goals printed onto one of the beautiful notebooks. The three designs include ‘my dream’, ‘this year I will’ and ‘My plan to’.

This is a simple psychological trick, but works. Giving a daily reminder of what you’re looking to achieve can inspire you to take acton.

Imagine, seeing this each day on your desk as you set out to grow your business or sitting in your handbag as a reminder to hit the gym at lunchtime.

I would always say it’s great practice to write your goals in the front of your notebook, but even that requires you actively looking to remind yourself – this you can't escape from!

It will always be there, staring you in the face and reminding you to keep on going.

Dream journal, personalised notebook, Rebecca Yates London

Here are a few ideas to use your goal journal:

  • Set a fitness goal – set your next fitness goal and use your goal journal to track your progress. Whether you want to run a 5k or a marathon, tracking your progress will remind you of the great progress you are making.
  • Set your next business goal - set your goal to start or grow your business, maybe to open your dream sweet shop, or maybe you want to grow your email list. Use your journal to map out the steps you will take to meet your goal, track your progress and map out your ideas.
  • Home renovations projects – Determined this will be the year to finally do up your garden? Use the journal to sketch ideas make notes on research, cut our and stick pictures you like, doodle and daydream.

See the full collection.

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