For those lovely ladies born between 23rd August and 22nd September 💖 Here is some gift inspiration based on those Virgo personality traits! 

Virgo's are kind, reliable, loyal and always helpful - they make amazing friends and people to have around so here are a few gift ideas for their upcoming birthday! 

Virgo star sign print

Virgo - Star sign print 

Virgo's like the finer things ... 

They don't like to slum it! Virgos have high standards and like the finer things. Whether it's perfecting their work or making sure that EVERYTHING MATCHES from their shoes to their bag. Virgo's love everything just so. 

So go luxe with the hardback star sign notebooks! 

Luxe personalised star sign notebook 

They tend to be modest 

Despite being hard workers, Virgo's don't tend to boast about their achievements. They are modest, not show offs - and this can sometimes mean they are overly self critical. So this is the perfect time to remind them of how brilliant they are! 

There are lots of encouraging prints in our print shop and this is one of my favourites. 


Always remember how bloody brilliant you are print 

Lover of logic ... and great at creative problem solving

If there's a logical solution to a problem, you can guarantee it will be a Virgo who spends the time to figure it out!

Journalling can be a great way to figure out problems by literally writing about them. So gifting a journal is a nice and practical gift idea which will also allow your Virgo pal to explore their creativity. 

Luxe personalised journal 

Dedicated, hard workers with a thirst for knowledge! 

Virgo's aren't afraid to put in the hours to get what they want! And they are always keen to learn more - knowledge is power after all! So help your Virgo babe stay organised with one of our planners - a beautiful, personalised planner to help you achieve any goal.

The planner also gives you access to the Make it Happen Champions Club - which has lots of resources and workbooks to keep knowledge hungry Virgos satisfied! 

Personalised planner and access to our resources and community

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