Born October 23rd to November 21st - and can best be described as the ultimate BADASS of the zodiac. 

If you Aries think you're tough, then meet your fellow Water sign Scorpio.

Although you might assume that Scorpios belong to the Fire sign gang, they're actually Water signs. Passionate and feisty, but with a lot of curiosity for the mysterious. Scorpios are deeply emotional, empathetic and intuitive too. 

Water sign notebook

Scorpios are a water sign - which you can add to one of the elements notebooks 

But what to get these lovely people for their birthdays? Here are a few Ideas.... 


Scorpios are curious and fearlessly so - always looking to explore even if it's dark and dangerous. Well they are born around Halloween after all! 

The stranger the better, the more odd or gruesome the more our Scorpios can't look away. Think, Pandora just dying to open that box! 

Try creepy ghost tours and trips to potentially haunted houses. And of course a journal to capture all those adventures in. 

Being drawn to mysteries also makes them curious about star signs - so anything star sign related goes down well. 


Star sign hardback notebook 

Scorpio star sign print


Scorpios will never be caught without a plan. Each day is a mission, an opportunity to focus and to achieve. 

Scorpios know what they want and will go after it all guns blazing!

So to help them on their way, check out the Make it Happen planner - the tool to help supercharge focus and productivity. 

The make it happen planner 

Day planner pad to help Scorpios strategise each day! 


Persistent - almost to the point of obsessive sometimes - if our Scorpios got something to accomplish, it's happening.

Whether it's the garden project, getting the hang of DIY or advancing in their career. There is NOTHING that can stop a Scorpio. 

Good luck telling them no, or even worse that they can't do it. It's fuel to the already fairly substantial fire. 

Just incase they need a little encouragement, one of the daily mantra prints to remind them of just how fantastic they are is a great gift idea.

Or the master plan notebook - perfect for the next big mission. 

'The master plan' - an essential for any scorpio! 

Just like the scorpion, they can be deadly - but fiercely loyal too. They will be the first to step up, defend and support you when you need them. 

And underneath that hard shell, they sometimes need some support and encouragement. So remind them how amazing they are from time to time too. 

Always remember how bloody brilliant you are print 

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