Are your goals in need of a refresh?  

We've hit that mid-year point (What? Already!) and let's face it, it's been a tough few months. 

I know your goals have likely been thrown off course in some way - and maybe you are feeling a little flat or demotivated with your progress (or lack of). Those goals we set in January feel like a long time ago, so now is the perfect time to refresh. 

And maybe you didn't set any goals in January and want to get started! This freebie will be great for you too. 

This free workbook will help you to: 

- Create a game plan for the next six months by getting really clear on what you want to achieve

- Give you an energy and motivation boost by reflecting on all your wins and achievements from the past few months 

- Set you up for success by helping you to set specific and measurable goals for the next six months which stretch and push you to the next level

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So grab a cuppa, and take some time to focus on you, all the brilliant things you have achieved and what you want to get out of the next six months. 

Hey! I'm Rebecca... 

Rebecca Yates I am all about helping you achieve your goals and build a life you love - in style! I design positive, uplifting and encouraging stationery, prints and tools to help keep you inspired along your journey.

Before running my business full time I built it on the side to my 9to5 - and learned a lot about productivity, goal setting, staying motivated and how to keep everything balanced (-and what not to do). I love to share everything I have learned along the way so that I can help all of you to achieve your dreams too. 

I love to share tips on staying motivated, positive and uplifting stories and lots of motivational quotes too which you can check out on my instagram

Do you want more help to achieve your biggest, boldest goals? 

Achieving new things can be tough. It takes focus, consistency and a lot of determination! 

So often we start out with lots of energy and motivation to work on our goals, which then slowly fades - especially when things get tough or can't see the results we want yet. 

Sometimes we need that bit of extra support - a framework to help us take consistent action, tricks to stay motivated and support a positive mindset and practical tips on being organised. 

That's why I created the new planners - created using the framework I used to build my business. 

But that's not all. You also get a host of resources - and a supportive community to cheer you on. Everything you need to smash your goals. 

Find out more about how the planners can support you to achieve your goals. 

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