Each year we're given a clean slate to achieve new things and reach new heights. But lofty goals and big dreams can often be overwhelming, it's hard to know where to start and what to do. 

Enter the new goal planner! A tool I have designed to help you get clear on your goals, work out how you'll achieve them and then do it. I have poured everything I have learned over the past few years into this planner - and the best thing is that it's free. 


  • Space to mind map your vision for the future 
  • Planner covers the first three months of 2020 - Jan to March
  • Guidance on setting personal and professional goals for 2020 
  • Monthly planner pages with a monthly view and space to list 'life admin' tasks 
  • Weekly spread with space for notes, your to-do list and prompts to schedule in consistent action 
  • End of month reviews to you can celebrate your wins 
  • FINALLY, I'll also be doing an email series in the new year to help you use the planner and get 2020 off to a great start 

Why just three months? 

A few reasons... one of the ideas behind this planner is that planning a whole year can be overwhelming - so instead we are going to work on three months at a time. So there will be another planner coming in February to take you on your next three month sprint. 

Ok so if it's so good, why is it free? 

This is a great tool and the digital version is JUST THE START. I am planning to turn this into a printed planner in 2020 but I wanted people to benefit from it before then. And I would also love to hear your feedback! So if there is something that doesn't quite work I can tweak it in the printed version. 


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