Lovely people! I need your help!

I have been busy over the last few months painting and creating for the new collection of notebooks launching later this year. But i have a decision to make ... there are six designs i like but i'm only going to be creating four notebooks...

That's where you come in! To help me choose, I would love it if you would vote for your favourite design (or designs) to be in the new collection. You in?

Voting will take place on Instagram and starts on 10th June.

The contenders ......

Design 1. ‘Hello rainbow’ - an explosion of colour and positivity

Hello rainbow notebook design by Rebecca Yates

Design 2. ‘It’s all roses’ - just because it reminds me of roses!

It’s all roses notebook design by Rebecca Yates

Design 3. ‘Into the blue’ - deep blue hues, filled with mystery.... 

into the blue notebook design by Rebecca Yates

Design 4. ‘’Strawberry  sorbet’ - calm, sweet but packs a punch!

Strawberry sorbet notebook design by Rebecca Yates

Design 5. ‘Coral’ - an explosion of colour inspired by the wonderful ocean

Coral notebook design by Rebecca Yates

Design 6.  ‘Adventures in pink’ - stride forwards in pink

Adventures await notebook design by Rebecca Yates

How the voting will work

  • Every day you will get a chance to vote for your favourite designs on my Instagram story
  • You can vote every day from 10th - 15th June, and can vote for as many or as few deisgns as you like!
  • BONUS - an additional 10 entries if you repost your favourite design to your own story or instagram feed
  • The FOUR designs with the most votes will become the new collection - so choose carefuly!
  • As a thank you for taking part, everyone who votes will recieve a special discount to use on anything in the shop!

To find out more, head to my Instagram page!

Happy voting! And thank you in advance for your input!

Rebecca yates

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