Have you got your summer reading sorted yet? 

Even if you have, I may have some new books to add to your list! 

Over the past few months I have uncovered some amazing new reads, thanks to some excellent recommendations (thank you Amazon) and a new found love of Audible. Which by the way, is a fantastic way to read if your commute involves a lot of walking, driving, or a train where you’re packed in so tight there’s barely room to breathe never mind get a book out! 

This selection ranges from the more spiritual, to the practical and they are all books which you can pick up and re-read over and over again. Personally, I’ve got something out of all of them and think you will too! 

You are a badass - By Jen Sincero 

The book on every 'top self-help book list’ and rightly so. 

If you are new to the idea of self-help books, or if the idea of being the sort of person who reads them makes you cringe, don’t be put off! 

This book is amazing. 

Jen shares her own personal story, and how she transformed her life by doing things she was afraid of and trusting in the universe. The lessons in this book can be applied to anything you want to achieve or change, whatever stage in your life you’re at and no matter how old you are. 

I originally read this book as an audio book, and fell in love with Jen’s up-beat, witty style and messages about self love. I have now listened to it twice (and I’ll probably listen again) and bought copies for friends. (You can get it here) 

On the subject of audio books, I have got to say I have become a big fan of audible - especially for listening to books like this if you feel a bit awkward reading them in public! I love heading out for a walk and listening to something on audio book so recommend you give it a try! 

Whilst putting together this post I have also started listening to her second book, You are a badass at making money - which is also brilliant. 

5 books to inspire - the Red Lipstick Review

The 5AM club - by Robin Sharma

For some of you, I know the very title of this book will probably make you switch off, but even if you hate the idea of early mornings give this one a chance! 

In this book Robin sets out his practices for living productively and freeing yourself from distractions. Of course, getting up at 5AM is a big part of his teachings, but even if you don’t like the idea it’s worth reading anyway - and who knows, he may convince you to give it a try! 

The other interesting thing is that it’s written as a story, not as a series of things you should do. Reading it I did find it strange at first, but you get used to it - and it’s refreshing to read something set out in a different way. You can get the book here

5 books to inspire you - the red lipstick review. 5am club by Robin Sharma

Big Magic - by Elizabeth Gilbert 

I read this book earlier this year when feeling a little lost creatively, and I have to say it was so helpful in getting me back on track! 

The big idea in this book is that everyone can be creative, and has ‘hidden gems’ within them. Elizabeth shares her own creative process, and experiences of how ideas and inspiration come to us, and how we can all live more creatively in our own way. 

Her style of writing is witty and engaging, it’s the sort of book to keep around and pick up every once in a while. 

Also, the cover is gorgeous. View the book on Amazon here. 

5 books to inspire you - Red Lipstick review

Little black book, a toolkit for working women - By Otegha Uwagba 

A fantastic pocket-sized motivation machine! 

This book is great for a number of reasons, firstly it’s small, short and get’s straight to the point. No messing. 

So not only can you read it pretty quickly, but it’s the perfect handbag sized book to take out and about. 

It’s full of practical advice, from public speaking, to managing your money - and has a great list of everyday resources at the back featuring places to go, websites to look on etc. I particularly like her practical productivity advice in the first chapter. 

Although it’s aimed at people who work in the more ‘creative industries’ there are lessons here for everyone. See the book here. 

5 books to inspire you - red lipstick review

The Start-Up Kit by Emma Jones 

And finally, last but not definitely not least, The Start-Up kit - the most practical of all the books on here and a must read for anyone thinking of starting a business. 

I read this after I started my business (definitely the wrong way round!) but it was still really useful In setting out all the practical steps for success and all the things you need to think about. There is advice in here on everything from testing your idea to legal things you need to be aware of. 

Emma is also just a lovely lady who is so passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, She’s run her own business and now runs Enterprise Nation, an amazing organisation who’s mission is to help people start and grow a business. So she knows her stuff! 

5 books to inspire you - Red Lipstick review

So there you have it! I hope these books provide so fresh ideas and motivation - whatever your summer plans! 

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