A fab first day 

Personalised stationery is a great way to welcome new team members

Reward the team 

Great gifts to thank you, well done or Happy Birthday!

Be memorable 

Gift your new clients something special and memorable 

Enhance your brand 

Bring your brand to life, add your logo, mission or whatever you like

Make your course or event extra special 

Notebooks make a great gift in a goody bag and a lovely addition if you're running a workshop or course 

Personalised designs 

There are loads of options to create something unique! Choose from one of the pre-made designs or let us know your ideas. We are able to foil pretty much anything onto our notebook designs and can send over proofs to make sure you're happy. 

An idea of what we can do - personalised notebooks for Regali Gift Wrapping 

"My business is about delivering a 'bespoke' service so I have to show clients I live like this"

Ingrid from Regali Gift Wrapping got in touch looking for some personalised stationery for her brand that looked professional and was a bit different than just a notebook with a plain cover. 

"My notebook (next to my phone) is LIFE! In my business, I go through notebooks quite quickly. I could have easily gone to a leading stationer that would replicate my logo on a notebook for much cheaper, but I really wanted something which stood out, had a bot of character and supported a small business. When I saw Rebecca's designs I didn't hesitate to contact her because her designs ticked all the boxes for me. When I meet my potential clients I always take my notebook. My business is about delivering a 'bespoke' service so I have to show clients I live like this. Rebecca took in the challenge and gave me options for me to choose from. I'm obsessed with my notebook and I'm thinking ... It's customised cards for my clients for Christmas next...." 

Ingrid Berment, Founder of Regali Gift Wrapping




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