Christmas is upon us! Here are a few tips to have a more sustainable Christmas in 2019. There is lots of advice out there, and it can be quite overwhelming! So here are a few tips and little changes you can make. 

1. Eco wrapping paper

Keep an eye on your wrapping paper, and choose paper that can be recycled. Look out for glitter especially as paper with glitter on can't be recycled. Glitter is also plastic which isn't great for the environment. Biodegradable glitter is available so look out for that option when you're buying anything sparkly. 

2. Switch to plant based candles

What's more Christmassy than a lovely candle? Some aren't so good for the environment though, here's what to look out for.

Look out for plant based candles made from soy or beeswax like these from Apothecary Essence. Avoid ones which contain paraffin as this is slightly toxic and isn't biodegradable.


3. Get recycled Christmas cards

Recycled cards can still be brilliant quality and look beautiful. My cards are all printed onto recycled card using vegetable based inks and look fab! They are also sent out in a compostable plant based cello sleeve - which you can pop in your home compost bin or recycling afterwards. 

And remember to recycle them afterwards too, you can always cut the front off and use as a gift tag! 

You pick up a pre-made pack of 8 or pick up your own selection for £14.50. 

christmas cards

4. An alternative to cling film 

Rather than cling film, try these reusable beeswax wraps.They keep your food fresh, look pretty and are eco-friendly too. 

beeswax wraps

5. Say no to plastic straws 

We all know plastic straws are bad news, but the good thing is there are loads of alternatives on the market now. I found these silicone straws on amazon which come in pretty pastel colours. Alternatively bamboo straws are also a good option. 

6. Swap your Christmas crackers 

How often do the gifts we get in Christmas crackers end up in the bin before the end of Christmas dinner?

When you're looking for Christmas crackers this year - choose ones with less plastic and more sustainable gifts. Alternatively, pick up something different like these favour boxes which you can fill with something lovely! These also look great on the table! 

7. Buy locally

When you buy locally, it can be more sustainable. Things made in Britain don't have to travel as far so have a lower carbon footprint. It's also great for the local economy and when you buy from a small business you make someone really happy! 

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