Sticking it out during this lockdown isn’t easy - we’re all going through good days, bad days, don't know where my heads at days... and all the days in between where we try to make sense of this new reality.

So here are some bits of advice and ideas for how to keep it together based on your star sign! Although you may be tempted to head straight to just read yours. there might be something you can learn in all of them.

Aries - 21st March - 19th April

You have taken on the lockdown in your stride, shown leadership and strength to those around you and have barrelled on in to do your bit. Whether it means nailing working from home or still heading out to work each day - no challenge is too big for you.

As an eternal optimist, you Aries are good people to have around. So keep those positive thoughts coming! Keep reminding yourself and everyone around you that everything will be ok.

A natural leader, and someone always willing to step up and help others. Everyone around you appreciates how you’re making the best of this situation.

WATCH OUTS - We don't know how long this will last, and you may feel a little impatient itch set in depending on how long this goes on.

So check in with yourself and how you're feeling each day. Channel any frustrations you're feeling into writing in your journal or try an online fitness class.

Taurus - 20th April - 20th May

You Tauruses do not give up easy! And no lockdown will beat you.

If you want something done, you will get it done. Your limitless tenacity and persevanrance will keep you sane while you’re staying indoors!

As will your patience - this is another of your strengths. Help your friends be patient too, and remind them this won’t last forever.

We know you love the finer things, and your home comforts, so if you’re working from home create yourself a nice working environment. Treat yourself to a few nice things while you’re locked away - you’ve earned them.

WATCH OUTS- You Taurus are usually so chilled, so all of this might be a bit of a shock to the system. So if you’re feeling anxious, write down how you’re feeling in a journal - it’s a great way to let out your worries and get you feeling better.

Gemini - 21st May - 20th June

Although the idea of no pubs, no weekend brunch and no socialising is enough to make any Gemini have a permenant meltdown - “who will I talk to??’ - you’re naturally adaptive, and within 5 minutes probably discovered the magic of a group zoom call. 

(And you’re also probably wondering why you haven’t tried this drinking and gossiping over video chat before now… !)

Keep organising them and keep joining in little Gemini - you’ll be back to Avo toast soon.

Your tendencies towards youthfulness.. (sometimes viewed as silliness by the more serious of the zodiac) will come in handy to keep everyone upbeat. So carry on with the WhatsApp memes and daft dancing to the Spice Girls on IG stories - it will make you feel good and your friends laugh - so joy all round.

WATCH OUTS - Routine and repetition are not your favourite thing- so keep changing things up. Make a conscious effort to learn new skills, keep your mind busy, change up your morning routine and try new things.

Cancer - 21st June - 22nd July

You Cancers were well prepared for this, you probably had all your loo roll stockpiling done by February! That powerful intuition of yours put you way ahead and well prepared.

As the one with magical foresight, and someone who is generally wise, your friends will be turning to you for advice more than ever and they really appreciate all your support. You are a master of knowing when someone needs your help, even if they are putting a brave face on it - so keep using that intuition.

You do tend to love a little nostalgia and keeping memories - so why not keep a journal to remind you in future of what you made it through.

WATCH OUTS - as the one who is often leaned on, don’t be afraid to lean on others if you need it. Share your worries with others - especially if you are away from your family right now which can be tough. Journalling can be your friend here, make list of gratitude and appreciation each day to remind yourself that everything will be ok.

Leo - 23rd July - 22nd August

Anyone going through the lockdown with you is LUCKY - you guys literally light up a room. All your energy is wonderful to be around. Just like August, you’re always bringing the sun with you.

Use all that lovely energy to help everyone keep their spirits up too.

And they don’t call you a lion for nothing! You were also born ready to lead - and support your friends and family through this time. Step it up Leos!

WATCH OUTS - that lion powered leadership also makes you super protective of all those around you - which can also lead to a lot of worrying.

Check in with friends and family regularly, but try not to obsess. Your mind will naturally lead you to thoughts like ‘what if they get sick’, or 'what if they loose their job’ - there is no point in worrying about these things you have limited control over.

So instead. when these worries come up turn your focus to ‘Today I am so grateful that all my family are healthy’.

Take each day as it comes and do this practice every day - either write down these in a journal or say them out loud. Keep reminding yourself that everything is ok.

Virgo - 23rd Aug - 22nd Sept

You clever, organised Virgos are on it! You have your lists, meals planned and probably a few in the freezer already too. Anyone in lockdown with you is super lucky to be with someone so organised.

You’re a hard worker, so will be keen to keep this up whether you’re working from home or not. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are struggling to adjust to this new way of working and you’re not getting as much done as you normally do. It will take time to adapt.

You will naturally want to help your friends and family which they will appreciate so don’t hold back on stepping up!

WATCH OUTS - If you get bored start learning!  You are knowledge thirsty - so if you find yourself bored this is the perfect time to learn something new. Look into online courses, download a language app for your next trip.

Libra - 23rd September - 22nd October

Like Taurus, you love the finer things - so create a lovely work environment at home, treat yourself to a few nice luxuries and get in a bit of online shopping!With so much going on, make sure your home is harmonious - it will make you feel a lot better.

You are naturally great listeners, and this is something your friends will appreciate right now who aren't finding this easy.

WATCH OUTS - as the same suggests you love balance and fairness - and all this chaos will be particularly difficul to deal with. 

Grab a journal and write in it when things are feeling difficult and always share your worries with friends. Get yourself a lockdown buddy - even a virtual one - someone you can check in with each day and share your experiences with.

Scorpio - 23rd October - 21st November

Badass scorpios!

No one messes with a Scorpio - so this lockdown is no match for your persistence, willpower and determination.

A master at strategy, you’ll be making the most of every day and getting the very most out of it. Whether it's work or home projects - you're getting things done at hyper speed.

Use some of your fearlessness to help others who may need it - some of your friends will really appreciate a little pep talk from you!

WATCH OUTS - Don’t be afraid to admit when you're finding things difficult, even badass, fealess Scorpios need help once in a while! Your tendency to be a little secretive may lead you to keeping things to yourself - so don't be afraid to share.

Saggitarius - 22nd November - 21st December

Naturally optimistic, you Saggitarius are great have around!

Keep up your relentless optiism and keep reminding all those around you to be optiistic too.

To make the most of this extra time at home - this is a great time to get stuck into a few books you have been meaning to read and maybe start writing yourself too. Start with a journal and write down your experiences.

WATCH OUTS - Your tendency to want adventure may mean that staying home is a struggle! Channel any frustrations into journalling or try an online fitness class.

And keep bringing that optimism - it will be over soon.

Capricorn - 22nd December - 19th January

Driven and ambitious, this lockdown is not going to slow down you Capricorns!

Relentlessly hard working, you've got this new working routine down already and are making the most of it. Keep using this time at home to make plans and get ahead, but don't forget to have fun and take a break too - get stuck into some puzzles and games to keep your mind going.

WATCH OUTS - You naturally lean to be more realistic and even pesimistic at times. So make a conscious effort to focus on the positive - create a gratitude journal and write three things to feel good about every day.

Aquarius - 20th January - 19th February

Logical and analytical - you've looked at the situation from all angles, the data, the facts and have taken a pragatic view.

Your ability to see the big picture, and not worry too much about the small stuff will help you get through these weeks. Use this to help your friends who are worried and remind them that this will be over soon.

WATCH OUTS - You are naturally independent, and have a tendency to stay in your own head sometimes. If you're struggling, don't be afraid to talk to your friends about how you're feeling.

And get writing - especially when there is a lot going round in your head. Get it out on paper. Whether that's how you're feeling today - or your plans and schemes for when this all over. Grab yourself a notebook or journal and get scribbling. 

Pisces - 20th February - 20th March

Pisces are one of the most empathetic of the star signs - almost spookily! You always know what's going on which makes you a great friend and person to have around.

As a lover of socialising, get yourself on plenty of zoom calls - and have a virual dance party too. Pisces are naturally great dancers - so go for it and have fun. The key to getting through this will be to do things which bring you joy.

As a big dreamer and creative, use any extra time you have to explore your more creative side. Write, draw, start a scrapbook, pick up one of your old hobbies. 

WATCH OUTS - All your empathy may mean you take on the burdons of all your friends worries too. So keep an eye on how you're feeling and try not to carry everything on your shoulders. Focus on the good things and start a gratitude journal to help with this.

A few tips for everyone...

Whatever your sign, it's a difficult time for everyone as we all try to muddle through in our own way. There definitely will be good days and bad ones - but here are a few things we can all do,

  • Start a gratitude journal and write down three things you can be grateful for each morning (You can read more about starting a gratitude journal here)
  • State an intention for each day to help you stay positive, for example - 'Today I will remain positive despite all of the obstacles and challenges I come up against'
  • Write a few notes in your journal each day on how you're feeling - if you are feeling low or frustrated writing about your feelings can make you feel a lot better.
  • Try an online fitness class - this is a great way to be part of something without being there and something you can do with friends too.
  • Treat yourself to something special! Whether it's a few new cushions for the sofa, some new stationery to brighten up your desk or something else which makes you feel good.

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