Hello friends and welcome to September! 

Can you believe there are only four months left of this year? 

Today I wanted to share a few journal prompts I have been using to help me feel focused and motivated each day when it comes to my goals. These two practices are really simple but really powerful. 

Hopefully if you're feeling a bit of a motivation slump (which is totally natural btw) these can help you as well. 

Writing down my big goals each morning 

One of the things I have been doing recently is writing down my goals each day - my big ones for the medium term. This has been a useful prompt to help me reconnect with what I'm working towards and get excited about them! 

Rewriting those specific goals helps us get focused and reconnect. It prompts us to imagine what it will be like to achieve them and how we will feel. 

Pre-emptive gratitudes 

You might have heard some people refer to this as 'scripting', but essentially this is about being grateful for things that haven't happened yet. 

Writing things like, I am so grateful that I have achieved this goal because/ it's allowing me to....'

This practice helps us connect to our why and our vision. 

You can also use these for thinking about the day ahead, for example 'I am so grateful that today was brilliant, I have been focused and productive.' 

Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are all connected - which is why these practices are so powerful to help you create a strong mindset and frame the day ahead. 

In my e-book we go into this in more detail and talk about morning routines, vision and mindset in way more detail. So if you need some more support in this area definitely check it out. 


We have been working away on some new things for Autumn and Winter, including new planner and journal artwork covers. I am so excited about these I can't even tell you... !! Watch out for a studio vlog coming soon to tell you more. 

The theme for this collection is inner magic, and all about celebrating you and all you're capable of. 

I also have some fun things planned for halloween too.. just for a bit of fun! 

And finally.... we have some NEW PAPER CLIPS how cute are these moon and star paperclips? Now available in the shop.

That's all for this week! 

Rebecca xx