What a busy few weeks it's been! Let me catch you up on everything that's been happening behind the scenes... 

Firstly, we had our biggest launch ever on 4th July, with new stationery, planners and our new e-book! (I can’t believe this was actually a whole 10 days ago now!) 

Thank you so much for all the support and feedback on the new collections, so glad you love them as much as we do! There are some really cool features in the new planners, including the new stickers, new designs and new financial planning pages to get stuck into! 

I have also just created this new video on how to set up and use your new planner. If you already have one of the planners, you should get this on a separate email too - as part of a new mini series we have created to help you get the most out of it and achieve you goals! 

This week I wanted to talk to you about how I wrote the new e-book, ‘Let’s Make it Happen, How to achieve you goals and overcome anything that Is holding you back’ - and how to overcome mindset blocks. 

(If you haven’t seen it yet you can listen to me read the introduction here) 

To be honest, I had a lot of fear to contend with when I created the new e-book. 

I decided back in January that I wanted to write it, give you a structure you could use and work through to achieve anything you want, and bring together everything that I have learned so far. 

You know I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and making it accessible, so an e-book felt like the perfect way to do it. 

One nagging thought bothered my the whole time I was writing it though. 

Rebecca, you’re not a writer. 

This self limiting belief plagued the progress of this book for a couple of months. I planned the structure, chapters, thought about how I would set it up, what I would share... but when I sat down to write it I would often procrastinate or find something else to do. 

In chapter three we talk a lot about mindset, and this was my mindset in action - causing me problems!

It was only when I turned around this limiting belief that I started to make serious progress. 

I realised that I already was a writer, I write every day - in my journal, instagram posts, blogs and have written fro other websites. 

I also realised that this limiting belief was backed with fear - fear that If I released the book I would look like a fool. 

Mindset will faith support or sabotage our efforts. For every new thing we want to do or achieve there will nearly always be some kind of mindset block to contend with. 

If you think you have a self limiting belief or a fear that is holding you back from achieving your goals, there are some simple steps you can take to uncover and rewrite them:  

  1. Uncover the belief and understand where it is coming from - when we understand our beliefs we can rationalise and rewrite them. 
  2. Unpick the fear that it’s attached too - fear is there to keep us safe and protected, but it does hold us back! 
  3. Rewrite the belief into some new positive affirmations to say daily. It might sound simple but this really works!  Our beliefs impact our actions. 

In the e-book we go into a lot more detail on all of these things if you think this is something you need some more help and support with. 

But for now I want you to know that this is something we all have to contend with and you aren’t alone! 

Rebecca x 

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