Oh man I CANNOT tell you how excited I was to head out for an in-person coffee date inside a nice local cafe this week!

AND finally getting to use some of my coffee stickers in my planner - if there is a challenge to support our local coffee shops by increasing our caffeine consumption I’m in! Anyone else?

In other news... Right now I am hyper focused on a new project, the biggest and most exciting thing I have ever created so far.

I’m putting all my energy and focus into it right now because I want it to be amazing and for you to absolutely love it - which I already know you will!

One thing I have been really working on this year is focus, and not being so distracted and getting involved in too many things. It’s so easy to see people doing things or hearing about new opportunities and thinking ‘Ooooh, I want to have a go at that’.

But every time we squeeze in a new project we dilute our precious energy and focus.

By taking on too much, we can end up spreading ourselves too thin, getting overwhelmed with all we have to do, having less impact and making less progress towards our goals.

Here are a few things which have been helping me to get more focus, and choose what I say yes to.

Being 100% in on a ‘yes’ 

A yes is as powerful as a no. So if I’m going to say yes I make sure I am going to give it 100% - which means having the time to give it 100% too.

Making sure everything I spend my time on is in alignment to my goals and vision.

This is a quick and easy test you can run with yourself, does taking this on align with what I want to achieve? 

If it doesn’t feel aligned to where I want to go or what I want to achieve then it’s a no for now.

Making the commitment to work at something every day - especially if its something new.

I got really good at abstract painting by getting myself to paint every day for over a month, not necessarily painting to make something to sell but just for the fun of it and to establish the habit. Sometimes my work was pretty rubbish and other times I would paint something great. I had committed to developing the skill, and doing it every day helped me to learn.

I use the same approach to developing any new skill now, choose one thing or area to focus on each month and go all in. 

By hyper focusing, and getting into a routine of doing something each day we can really accelerate our progress.

I hope you found these helpful, to get these insights straight into your inbox make sure you subscribe to my email list. 

Rebecca x 

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