Seen as a few more of us are working from home now, I thought I would share some tips I have picked up over the last few months on running my business from home full time. 

It can sometimes be hard, and is a big adjustment. No structure, no proper workspace sometimes and no reason to get dressed or wash your hair…. 

So here are a few tips to get you through… 

1. Keep your routine 

Get up, get dressed and try and keep to a routine. 

When I started running my business full time, there was one challenge I have come across that I did not perceive would be an issue. Getting up at a regular time. 

With no external need to be up at a certain time - Ie you can’t be late for work - it takes some real self discipline to get up when your alarm goes off. The subconscious urge to sleep is hard to overcome. 

But it is possible. Nad easier if you are consistent. 

And you feel a lot better when you don’t hit snooze 10 times. So work out a new routine, can you do some exercise when you get up? Take a walk?

Create yourself a new working from home routine you can stick to. 

2. Dress comfy, but wash your hair 

Not going out can mean comfy clothes, no make up and getting away with not washing your hair for an extra day - and while I 100% agree you should take this opportunity to dress comfy, sitting in your PJs all day might make you feel lethargic, tiered and that you would rather take a nap. 

Do something that makes you feel ready for work - and makes you feel good. 

This might be putting on a bit of makeup or lipstick, wearing certain clothes - these little actions can trick your brain into being in the right mindset.

3. Take breaks with intention 

Take breaks as you would do in any workday. Every hour or so make the conscious effort to get up, make a cup of tea and have a few minutes away from your desk. 

Going for fresh air can help too  - especially as you won’t be getting any on your commute anymore. A quick ten minute walk can help you to come back refreshed and more focused. 

Sit in a different chair, do a quick meditation or give someone a ring (i know we millennials don’t really do phone calls but if you’re on your own all day it’s good to talk to another human!) 

4. Remove distractions 

Working from come can be distracting, the urge to check the latest BBC page on the coronavirus for one and looking at cute dogs on Instagram for another. 

But constantly checking devices can make us feel more anxious about what’s going on, distracts us from our tasks - and then leads you to feeling frustrated when you haven’t achieved what you wanted to. 

Try putting your phone away, even just for an hour - pop it in the drawer or turn notifications off. Don’t let yourself check it until the certain time has passed. 

5. Create a nice work environment 

Create a nice working environment for yourself. This will make you feel a lot better and happier. If you work in your kitchen, create space on your table, do the washing up before you start work. 

Make the place tidy and give yourself a nice space to work in. 

And tidy up your work papers and laptop at the end of each day. This gives your brain the signal that you can switch off from work and that the ‘working day’ is over. When you work from home, especially in the same room as you live in - it can be hard to switch off, so make sure you tidy away at the end of the day. 

6. Seize the opportunity

Chances are, working from home has probably saved you about two hours each day of commuting time. How can you productively use this time for yourself? 

Make a conscious effort to decide how you will use this extra time you have. See this as a positive from working from home - can you spend more time practising your guitar? Working on your side project? Doing a daily yoga video? Can you use this time to further some of your goals? 

When everything seems terrible, it can feel like there is no light, nothing good that can come from the situation. 

But make the most of it - see the opportunities and the positive where you can. Wrapping ourselves up in woe only makes us feel worse - especially when these things are out of our control. 

And start a gratitude journalling practice too, be grateful for your health and everything else in your life. It will make you feel happier and more positive.

And remember, this too will pass - you can get through this. 

Rebecca Yates

PS. If you need a little pick me up, treating yourself to some new stationery is always a good idea! 

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