About a year ago I though I would have a go at selling a few things online. Wasn’t quite sure what they would be, but I had a few ideas.

I had always loved homewares and interiors, influenced by my mum who always kept our family home wonderful and stylish. Redecorating frequently, and our Saturdays were often spent searching for accessories which were a bit different.

Moving into my own place about two years ago now, I finally had a blank canvas to create my own haven too. 

The quest for extra ordinary and individual homewares led me to rediscover my love for art - something I hadn’t thought about for a long time.  Discovering artists on Instagram and going along to a few pop up exhibitions - I felt not only inspired to buy, but to start getting back into creating. At this point though, I just didn’t know quite what...

the lightbulb moment?

One of the most interesting and wonderful questions to ask any entrepeneur is when they had that 'lightbulb moment' and came up with the idea which started it all. For me, it was less of a big bang and more of a snowball.

I have always been creative. My Grandma was an artist and I spent many days growing up painting with her. This continued through school and at college I studied Art & Design, where I was really into screen printing collage and pattern design, so heading back to screen printing felt like a natural choice. Filled with excitement I did a two day course and planned to pay for membership of a screen printing studio for a month to get started.

But when I went along and did the refresher course, I didn’t enjoy it half as much as I remembered.

People who do screen printing are really talented and it’s such a skill. But not for me, I am far too slap dash and don’t have the maticulous attention to detail necessary to make a perfect print.  

Although this realisation initially sent me into a mini crisis, something else had been bubbling away in the background - painting abstract art. 

Inspired by all of the amazing new artists I had discovered, I started to give it a go. And was falling in love with it.  

getting out there

Abstract painting is a strange discipline. It requires you to really let go and trust yourself. Once you crack it, there's nothing better than the freedom of just painting and creating something amazing.

As i started to share my work on Instagram, my confidence grew hugely. It was reassuring to know that what i was creating wasn't total rubbish!

My first commission was from my friend and fitness instructor Carly - the fact someone wanted a painting from me was incredible and frightening. At this point, i was still worried that everything i had painted so far was a total fluke.

Turns out it wasn't, and 7 commissions later (I actually can’t beleive it’s been this many) although self doubt inevitably kicks in every now and then, I’m a lot more sure of myself and my abilities. 

The biggest thing the last year has taught me is that you are capable of so much more than you think. Remembering that just because you don’t do something now doesn’t mean you can’t. You just need perseverance, a willingness to learn and a little self belief.  

Starting the venture has shown me I am capable of a lot more than I thought.  

building something bigger

I have always had a little bit of the entrepeneurial spirit - which i definitely got from my Dad. When I was younger we often did carboot sales together which i used to love! On accession I made cards and cupcakes to sell on the stall (these had mixed success!) It feels really natural for me to now have my own business.

Making art is brilliant, and i love it. It's my vision to create a unique offer to customers - with abstract art, prints, stationery and homewares. I want to offer something which is extra ordinary, and helps people to make their home amazing - a destination for you, family and friends. Whether you have a room in a small flat or a huge mansion. 

Helping people to make a good choice for the environment is also really important to me. There’s no way round it, we all have a part to play, business especially. I use recycled and sustainably sourced materials wherever possible, and in the next year I want to do more and will be committing my support to environmental causes. 

Business can and should be a force for good. It’s my mission to provide unique products for my customers whilst making a positive impact on the wider world. 

what's next?

So it’s been quite a year for me! And I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement along the way! 

And, I’ve barely even got started.... There is so much i want to do. I'm always brimming with new ideas and things to try.  

This year I want to share more with you all - the things that inspire me and my experiences of building the business. 

So stay tuned - things are going to be bigger, brighter and bolder in 2018!