I am proud to showcase my first collection of abstract paintings, 'Some new beginings'. This collection is the culmination of the journey i have been on this year, learning and growing as an artist.

I showcased the collection at the Wandsworth Artist Open House in October and was so pleased at the positive reaction i got from everyone who visited.

Putting together this collection has been an exciting and challenging experience. I have developed hugely since i started painting - experimenting with new techniques and colours.

It all began with a little imagination....

I began painting the collection in April, it began as an experimentation with colour. And as you will see, most of the pieces feature a distinctive colour palette.


My favourite, and star of the show is 'Imagination' a large 100x100cm canvas - the colours rise up the painting, just as ideas, thoughts and dreams do in our minds.



Learning and experimenting was key in creating this collection

Experimenting with colour was a big part of the collection. From simple combinations in 'Thunder' to bold exploration in 'Glorious'. I was interested to explore different colour combinations, which meant sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone and being brave! I almost didn't add any orange to 'Glorious' but so pleased i did as this colour really makes the painting.

'Rise up'

'Young at heart'

My mood, and the music i am listening to is a big part of what influences my work. As an intuitive painter, i very much go with the flow! Which is why paintings are often named after the songs i was listening to at the time.



What people see in abstract paintings is facinating to me - what do you see in the paintings above? (coment below!) A few days after i painted POP, all i could see was the face of a fire breathing dragon!



Each of these paintings is entirely individual and different - whether that is the colours used or some of the techniques i used to paint them.

Freedom and Revelations are a pair of smaller paintings. The colours are inverted in these pieces - and although they are so differnt from eachother i love this similarity.

Many of these paintings are available on my shop so please take a look!

If you are interested to find out more about any of the paintings please get in touch.