So pleased to be showcasing the brand new collection! It's been a lot of work and I have (once again) learned a whole load of new things along the way. So here is a look behind the scenes at how the ideas for the collection began and the stories behind some artwork.

For the first time, I have also shot some videos to tell the story first hand - I hope you like them!

As I mention, Pinterest is a great place to gather ideas and inspiration. I colect all sorts of bits to inspire the colections - from flower arrangements to images of sunsets. If you ever want a heads up of what i'm working on, follow me on Pinterest for a first look!

Here's a snapshot from my ‘rich purple’ board. 

The new artwork

So here we are! The new collection is centred around five new abstract paintings. All of them unique and individual -and all feature the colour of the season - purple. 

'It's not that simple'

'Walk the line'

'Gems and stars'

'Brave' and 'Bold'



The typography prints are a diferent way to experience the artwork. Combining words and phrases to inspire and bring positivity.

The new selection features motivation phrases such as 'make it happen' and 'be bold, be bright, be you'. As well as essential quotes for the modrn home - such as 'wake up, drink coffee, get going' and 'g is for gin'.